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[1] Beta Version 7.0.26b (1.7.1026/1.7.3754/1.7.3755/1.7.3760)

[2] can we downgrade firmware

[3] "Can't Detect Device" UI7 on ZWave battery devices - root issue identification

[4] How to avoid reset to factory settings when upgrading fails due to memory space?

[5] VeraPlus 1.7.3015 - Unable to remove apps

[6] Firmware upgrade to Version 1.7.1017 Not Working

[7] Vera Plus (working beautifully, then chose fw update - now just power light)

[8] Only 4 devices coming over on upgrade (VeraLite to Plus)

[9] Well Looks like I will be changing to the new Vera Edge.


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