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New 7.0.27 firmware available

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* Vera3, VeraLite, & VeraLite G: 1.7.1040
* VeraEdge: 1.7.4000
* VeraPlus: 1.7.4001
* VeraSecure: 1.7.4002

Very hesitant to upgrade but just in case someone is interested...

Going in.....


nothing is smoking, locked up, burning.....

Don Phillips:
I'll probably wait until the next one. Mine is stable at the moment and the OTA firmware upgrade for my dimmable bulb is a low priority since it has not come on at night in a while.

Nothing interesting in it for me. Would be nice to see some Bluetooth activity, ifttt, disable ergy completely, reduced useless logging, improve ui response, and probably a hundred other things.

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