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Author Topic: Integrating hard wired Door/window switches or sensors with Vera  (Read 324 times)

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I am building a home with split system AC units. Because it will be occupied by guests at least 1/2 time, I need to have door and window switches connected to my thermostats.  An open switch (> 60 sec) will trigger the thermostat to shut off for that room.  The simple solution is to wire each door/window switch directly into thermostat that controls a air handling unit.  I would avoid using Vera in that situation.
However all of my rooms are interconnected.  I would ideally like to have the door and window switches connected to Vera so that I can write more PLEG code to properly control AC units when the door between room is open and I want the AC in both rooms to stay on.  I would also prefer to hard wire each door and window switch and or z-wave sensor rather than use battery operated sensors.  Are there Vera compatible zwave door/window sensors that I can power via low voltage wires to save me the hassle of changing batteries?  Likewise, are there Vera compatible zwave motion detectors that I can power with low voltage wires, as well.  I prefer not to do any soldering and hope that there are sensors with internal terminals to which I can connect the power wires.  Is so, what are the brands?
Thanks for any advice!
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Re: Integrating hard wired Door/window switches or sensors with Vera
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Some door window sensors now purport a 5 to 10 year battery life, I would question if the added expense of an external power supply and cable run is worth it, especially in a retrofit?
Many, if not most users here that are in your situation have used alarm panels and associated  alarm sensors with the appropriate plug in, but all will have done this while building, again not suitable to retrofit.
Hopefully some of these users will jump in and give you the words of advice you ask for.
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