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Author Topic: Aeotec Garage Door Controller ZW062 - Install  (Read 2877 times)

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Re: Aeotec Garage Door Controller ZW062 - Install
« Reply #15 on: July 26, 2018, 09:33:47 pm »
In the US, garage door openers are subject to the UL 325 safety standard. Recent updates to UL 325 include provisions for unattended operation:

Unattended Operation of GDOs. UL added requirements for unattended operation of GDOs, which is permitted if additional safety features are provided. The final rule includes these requirements (new ? 1211.14). Under UL's revised provisions, unattended operation is allowable only if proper installation instructions and markings are provided. Unattended GDOs must require one or more intentional actions to function and must require an audible and visual alarm that must signal for 5 seconds before door movement. Unattended operation is not permitted on one-piece or swinging garage doors. The word ?bulb? is changed to ?light? to address newer technologies that may use LEDs that may not be considered ?bulbs? and clarifies that the visual or audio alarm during unattended operation does not require monitoring.

The requirement to provide audible and visual alarms 5 seconds before door movement must be built into approved home automation/remote operation  garage door openers. The assumption is that operation by home automation or remote control means that the garage door is unmonitored, i.e. not in view of the operator.

I bought a new NuTone this past spring to replace my old Insteon and can confirm an audio/visual alarm with a 5 second delay. Since I have a camera in my garage I can confirm it is okay to open or close the door so the 5 second delay is an annoyance to me.
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