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Author Topic: Honeywell Vista security panel vera compatible plug-ins and options  (Read 1285 times)

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I am considering hooking up my traditional Vista 20P security panel to my Vera Plus U7 device. After researching all the forum items about this subject I got stuck on couple of questions.
There are two options
1.  EnvisaLink EVL-3/4 - CAT5 connection is needed to Vista (IP based)
2. Nutech AD2USB - requires USB to Vera connection. so Vera must be close to the device.

the questions I have is that there are no current forum answers meaning noted in 2018 that support plug in for Vera controlling the  EnvisaLink EVL-3/4. there is one for Nutech and its visible in the plug -in installation of vera application.  EnvisaLink EVL-3/4 add on had been pulled away and is no longer available. is the nutech AD2USB also useful for plug in to connect to  EnvisaLink EVL-3/4?

The price difference between option 1 and 2 is 10-15,- but the hookup is very different.

Basically I would like to know who has this running correctly with Vista 20P and what hookup did you use together with what Plug-in that is still available for July 2018.