Author Topic: Zwave/Zigbee/Bluetooth not staying active  (Read 277 times)

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Zwave/Zigbee/Bluetooth not staying active
« on: August 02, 2018, 12:33:00 am »
New problem here on a VeraPlus.  It seems that just tonight the Zwave/Zigbee/Bluetooth LEDs on the unit will cycle on and then off in a continuous loop.  Switches/Dimmers that I try to activate suddenly turn up as 'cannot connect to device'.  I have tried the memory clearing commands and so far it hasn't solved the problem.  Memory hasn't been an issue yet for me, tracked using datayours.  Anyone else experience this?

EDIT:  Also the panel manager reads, "failure" for status...
EDIT:  updated firmware to latest version.  now the panel manager reads, "This device does not appear to offer Z-Wave communications."  ---ummm...okay.
EDIT:  And now it seems to be working again.  Panel manager reads, "OK", and cycling devices seems to re-sync them after they previously could not be detected.  Was it just me or did others experience this issue.  BTW, I did check the memory used and it never fell below 75kB. 
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