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Author Topic: Aeotec LED Bulbs Question  (Read 360 times)

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Aeotec LED Bulbs Question
« on: August 02, 2018, 07:58:42 am »
Hi all

I have just acquired a vera plus and 3 Aeotec LED Bulbs, 2 of which are hanging over the dinning table, I would like to be able to control both of their colors with a controller and not one at a time. From what  I have read I apparently am unable to do this and I would possibly need to switch to Philips hue for such control. I did start wondering if it would be possible to create a PLEG scene which makes light bulb 1 mimick the color properties of light bulb 2. If so, how would a scene be created like this? The only other way I can think of doing this would be to program virtual switches to display predetermined colors.

Also, when the bulbs are switched off at the wall switch, vera indicates them as offline. Would installing a dimmer module bypass vera not seeing the bulbs if they were switched off at the wall switch?

Thank you for your assistance