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VeraSecure UI7 and Devolo 9674 water leak detector


Hey, this device pairs nicely via generic Z-wave device. All the scenes that we RUN, works perfect, sends the notifications to mobile app, but whenever the water actually contacts the device, it does nothing?

Any tips for trying to solve this out?

Hello there,

Not sure what you are expecting for the device to do. When the contacts detect water it's only supposed to send you a notification/alert, or if you make a scene trigger based on water detection it can do whatever automation you have in mind.

The easiest way to get a notification is to check it's an option to send you a notification, either in  House Mode's settings or into a scene, where the trigger would be water detection.

Hope this helps.

I would try to short the contacts with a piece of foil or something metal. If that does not work, make sure the contacts are not corroded and try submerging it in a glass of water.
If it still does not trigger, I would call the manufacture to see if the product is defective.


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