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I picked up a couple of the HANK scene buttons. They work well with my VeraPlus.

I was reading the mini-booklet that came with the multi-button version. It had something about changing Groups to change the button functions (X. ASSOCIATION section in manual pdf), not sure if that is functional with Vera. It would be nice to directly control a device without creating a scene (no pun intended).

Lol! Good one!

Association is a convoluted topic but yes Vera supports it. It's bed to read up on some thread and details about it first. It isn't hard to do it's whether or not you can set it right to work.

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I picked one of these up and I cannot figure out how to make it work..  I include it and set scenes to buttons and it does nothing...  If I wake it l, it appears to program but then does nothing..

Do you have any tips or debug techniques to get this going?


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Ok got it working.  If anyone cares, the trick was tying it in the scene as a trigger vs setting the button scenes from the button device settings.

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Were you able to include the Hank button As a secure device? My Hank button seems to pair securely but remains in 'purging associations' forever. Waking it up doesn't help


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