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Author Topic: Need help in setting up the heating floor system with power on in a circle!  (Read 362 times)

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Good afternoon. In advance I apologize for my bad English. This is not my native language.
I installed in the country house 10 floor heating controllers and a Vera Edge controller. But the power supply at home does not allow them to be switched on at one time. I also installed a common power consumption sensor at home.
I created a scene that includes some controllers in time, but this is not a convenient solution if you need to include some specific controllers. This decision does not take into account the fact that if the floor heats up before the time period allocated in the scene, the system will stand idle, waiting for the next scene event (in time).
How can I more optimally adjust the heating system of the floors, for example, that they are switched on in turn (example: heater A warms for 15 minutes and reaches the target temperature, heater A turns off and immediately turns on heater B. and so on.)
Maybe local gurus will be able to suggest the solution to my problem, since creating a separate scene for each combination of using heaters is not the best solution.
Perhaps there is some ready-made solution or plug-in to configure such systems?
Thank you in advance! ;D ;D