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Author Topic: Hide individual hue bulbs  (Read 1699 times)

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Hide individual hue bulbs
« on: October 24, 2018, 09:05:31 am »
Not sure how is this not a problem for everyone...
I got lots of hue bulbs in groups.
This creates a huge clutter in Vera. Lots of devices since each bulb shows up individually as a separate device.

I?d like to hide/remove all individual bulbs and keep only the main hue device that controls all bulbs, as well as maybe have one hue device per hue room that controls all bulbs inside that room.

Is that possible?
For now I just moved all of them to a separate room that I ignore but it is still very annoying to have them there plus they create a mess in Alexa as well...

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Re: Hide individual hue bulbs
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2018, 12:26:31 pm »
Hi Sirpinky, we will create a ticket to help you this case, you should get an email soon.
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