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good to see a actually working model Piwtorak :-)
i would like something like that in the future.
looking at the website really makes me wonder who's kid did the website design lol , i cant even read what it says at "some possibilities" and the models that are shown are also barely readable. to be honest it looks like a copy of a brochure and very amateuristic xD
but on-topic.. 

would it be possible for me in the netherlands to buy just the motor for my rollershutter specificly the 510ZW --.--  (whatever the **** --.-- means lol) ?
it need to be 1,5 meter wide for a 1,5m x 1,8 m rollershutter made from fabric.
it would be possible to arrange a reseller in netherlands if things work out good. we allready got this model but i need a rollertube version.
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Hello folks!
I was out for 12 days, I was in USA and visit address and stay a time with Patrice. Really the website do not show the real structure they have but I can see your warehouse and stock, he is producing for me a big lot of products. Many motors and mechanisms to mount any type of windows coverings and awnings. I have success when negotiating with they using email and skype.
No delays in feedbadk, etc.
I do not find another producing so good zwave window covering.
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