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Author Topic: Deleting devices  (Read 1359 times)

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Deleting devices
« on: May 24, 2012, 03:06:40 pm »
We had a storm roll through our area last week that knocked the power out after (I was informed) a main High Tension wire had snapped which took FPL 5hrs to fix and restore power.
I admire FPL and think they do an all around awesome job!! 

I was running on generator power for the 5hrs and Vera was online being fed from a UPS, but my Z-Wave network was crap, my generator powers about 75% of my home / Z-Wave network, so there were lots of devices that were unpowered, which in turn affected lots of other devices in the routing, so it was pointless having Vera online as timed events didn't happen and my remotes and scenes didn't function.

Apart from the Z-Wave unresponsiveness, my dimmers (GE & ACT) would not go to 100% without turning off the load (LED lamps & ceiling fans) so they had to be set at mid-point to make them work and I didn't have the inclination to check the voltage quality or frequency of the power from the generator at the time. Next time I will, but I did have an idea for a project to eliminate the network issue for the next time this happens, and with Hurricane season starting here in 7 days, this project is high on my list of to-do's.

I thought if I had a Vera that only contained the devices that were powered by the generator, that should solve the network issue, only turns on when running on backup power and turns my main Vera off in the process and was on the same Home ID. What would I need to do?

That thought led to thinking about creating an "Emergency Backup Vera" as a clone of my current unit, I could then delete the unused devices (~75%) from the EBV to get only the devices needed.

Does anyone see any issues deleting so many devices without running into any issues, data corruption or otherwise?
Obviously I would need to run amend scenes and perfom a network heal after the deletion process but my concerns relate to issues within the deletion process.
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