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Author Topic: VeraPlus compatability - Yale Assure Lock Interconnected Lockset YRC226 Z-Wave  (Read 253 times)

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I am wondering if anyone has information on the compatability of the VeraPlus controller with the Yale Assure Lock Interconnected Lockset YRC226 with Z-Wave?

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Hello Raymundo,

This model YRC226 is not integrated yet, I will add an integration request for it and if approved it will enter into the development queue.

There is, however, a closer model integrated YRD226-ZW2.

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Offline cristina.iulia

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I have a Yale YDM3168, do you know if it's integrated or not?
It's working with my vera edge controller, yet probably not all functionality are up and running..

How can I make a request to be included in the dev. queue ?