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Author Topic: newbie question - "Notifications Header" equivalent in AltUI  (Read 149 times)

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newbie question - "Notifications Header" equivalent in AltUI
« on: September 19, 2018, 10:38:17 am »
Hi Guys

Sorry for the newbie question. Playing with Alt UI and confused why I can't see any diagnostic type messages when running simple things like a stress test, or polling.  In the vera UI7 I can see this by turning on the option called "Notifications Header" under notifications settings.

is there something I need to turn on similarly in altUI?  I've turned debug mode on (under UI7, I've turned on debug mode for the AltUI device), but it doesn't make any difference.

If I launch a stress test from AltUI on one of my devices, it displays nothing. But if I tab over to my UI7 window that I have open, the stress test results are happily populating in the header.

I must be missing something simple. How can I see this in AltUI?