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Will Ring Doorbell Camera work with VeraLite?

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I'm about to order a Ring doorbell camera and wondered if anyone has one and if it works with VeraLite or any other Vera.

Not by any means easily if at all.  Just Google the topic and you will see that folks have been at least trying to make triggers work with IFTTT and Stringify however to most, it will not be worth the effort.

I have followed this topic since installing my VeraPlus 8 months ago as I have a RING and lost the functionality when I dumped my Smartthings Hub to go to VERA.

I saw some announcements about a Vera 1200 doorbell camera but don't seem to be able to find it available anywhere.

Like all hubs, some do some things and others do others.  I played with the Zipato Zipabox, Smartthings and VeraPlus and kept the VERA as it had super smooth integration with my DSC alarm panel.

Keep looking !

Now that the Alexa / Vera integration is finally available and seems to work OK I thought this would be the obvious way to integrate with ring - after all Amazon now own ring. So in the Alexa app I started to set up a 'routine' to run vera switches / scenes using the ring bell press as a trigger. The Vera devices and scenes appear fine in the Alexa list of Smart Home devices available to be controlled - great - ....and the ring unit also appears in the list of available triggers...but when you select it an error message appears saying it is not supported! Amazon Help suggest I write some feedback asking for it to be supported (I have but I'm not holding my breath). I thought about using IFTTT which really does accept ring as a trigger.....but doesn't seem to talk to either Alexa or VERA. Gaaaah!

Doorbirds have the ability to integrate with Vera.
My DB can turn on lights or scenes when the motion is triggered.
Trigger lights or scenes when the button is pressed.
Record the video to my SVR (Security Video Recorder)
Automatically flip to my Doorbird page on my tablet to see someone at my door when the button is pressed.
They are pretty well integrated.

As of today I was able to get the Ring Doorbell Pro to trigger an Alexa routine which turned a Vera light switch on and then off while an Echo Dot announces, "There's someone at the front door". It's not perfect Vera integration, but it's something.


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