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I have successfully set up my door locks for my 2 vacation rentals. I have schlage locks that have keypads for guests to key in their code to unlock doors.
Now I am trying to set up to be able to turn on/off porch lights remotely. The light switches are 3 way switches. Any suggestions on what brand/model pairs well with Vera?

The GE 45614 kit should work for you.  It's basically the 45609 switch and a 45610 auxiliary.  I've got a couple of these installed in my environment and they work well with Vera.  Just pairs like a normal switch.

A cheaper and smarter solution is the ZOOZ three way switch. They?re cheaper because they only require one switch and no auxiliary switch. Only thing to keep in mind is that you do need to alter some wiring where the other switch is, and the ZOOZ switch  requires a neutral wire. I?ve used them with my Vera plus successfully.


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