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Author Topic: Early Preview: All Your Notifications Delivered Through Automator.app Push!  (Read 2810 times)

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The latest UI5 beta firmwares have added a cool new feature which supports alternate event servers.  This means that you can have all of your notifications that are currently delivered through the mios servers also delivered through an alternate server.  I have configured the Automator.app push notification server to support this mechanism.

This provides a much easier mechanism to receive alerts (no special automator devices or scenes needed) and more information about triggered events will be provided.

I am making this available, as a preview service, for those who already have access to beta firmwares, to solicit feedback and test capacity.  I have nothing to do with providing MCV beta firmware nor will I assist anyone in obtaining it.  When the next public firmware is available this capacity will be available to all.

In order to enable this functionality you need to send a special request to your vera unit to register the Automator.app push notification server as an alternate server.  In order to do this you need to know the push device identifiers of the devices you wish to receive notifications and the mios usernames to associate.

Register the automator server with the following request substituting your mios username and device identifier(s).  If you have multiple devices, as in the example below, separate them with a comma

Code: [Select]

To undo this action send the following request:
Code: [Select]


Currently the mios username is not considered;  as such all notifications will be supplied to the devices provided.  The user name should still be included in the registration URL above.  A future incarnation will take individual usernames into consideration and only send notifications that actually target the devices associated with that user.

This is intended for use by advanced users who understand the above and already have access to early releases of MCV firmware.  If you do not fall into this category I will not be providing assistance at this point. 

The URL format used to register could and likely will change in the future.

A user friendly mechanism for enabling this will be included in the app in the future. 

Just like with the current push service your notifications are passed through the service and are not stored or archived in any means outside of standard web server logs as captured by the hosting service. 

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