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I signed up for the beta program for the Android app and still not getting it


So I signed up for the beta program for the Android app many months. I still don't have the beta version of the app! The only version I can see is 7.27.105 which was last updated on June 13, 2018. And still NOTHING is being done to fix the crappy and worthless Geofencing feature. Is Vera in the process of discontinuing support?

I am on the beta program and show the same date and version as you report with "beta" being shown next to the app icon. 

Geofence is a hot mess with vera right now.  I like to think they have halted updates due to quality control.  Vera updates (in the past) were more like band aides laced with some new exotic disease/bug. 

My experience with the native Vera geofencing has been different then others...yet similar to some.  First it did not work at all.  Then it worked fine.  Then it worked fantastically.  Then it just stopped working.  Most of my experience was due to vera updating and tweaking.  With the last google/android update Vera's app and geofencing stopped working.  Vera has chosen NOT to fix their app after the last google update. I am guessing they are trying to make sure whatever they do does not push them backwards...something in the past they seemed willing to do.  The new management may actually want to ensure a step forward???   Vera will tell you they are close to releasing a fix. 

Android is on the double by the new directives. Geofence has been remanufactured and we have pretty awesome results in our internal testing.
There is a little bit of a delay until pushing this to the public but this is around the corner.

Vera is not discontinuing anything, on the contrary, internally things are moving faster and more efficient than ever.


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