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Author Topic: Thermostat Radiator Valve with built-in humidity sensor reports value to VERA  (Read 1458 times)

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Hey Forum,

have you come across a z-wave thermostat radiator valve with a built-in humidity sensor, which reports the temp and humidity values back to vera?

What makes and models are available, if any?

Thanks for your support

Best regards

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Don't think such device exists

You have mainly Danfoss and its clones (Devolo, POPP, Fibaro (older model)), Eurotronic (Stella, Comet, Spirit), and the new Fibaro (bulb like, with optional remote temp sensor). None of them has humidity sensor built in.

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You may want to invest in one of the multi-sensors.  You can get temperature, humidity, light level, motions, etc. You can then add more automation within a room.
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