Author Topic: Fibaro smoke sensor FGSD-002 recognized as generic I/O device in getvera secure  (Read 226 times)

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I have a brand new GetVera secure and I added 3 fibaro smoke detectors just by selecting them in the list.
I can pair them, and things like temperature sensor works fine.

However in the device list I only have an on/off switch, where I would expect them to have an Arm/Unarm toggle.
Also they are listed as Generic I/O device. The device type in the advanced settings also list that.
And worst of all I cannot make scenes when smoke is detected. The only trigger is that the device is switched on.

What Am I missing here?

Running firmware 1.7.4002

I do have other z-wave devices correctly running.

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I have the EXACT same problem, and have also started a thread here in the fourm -,112673.0.html. Moderators could maybe merge the two threads?

so... Bump!