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Author Topic: z-wave temperature sensor ZME_ITEMP: bad readings  (Read 1938 times)

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z-wave temperature sensor ZME_ITEMP: bad readings
« on: July 20, 2012, 04:23:58 am »
Newbie here,
I'm having trouble getting a reliable reading from my "z-wave temperature sensor ZME_ITEMP"
The temperature reading more often than not reads -103 or some other totally inacurate value. (sensor open circuit?)
It seems to read more reliably when it is closer to the wireless base.
i notice within the forums that changing the PollSettings can improve readings but at the expense of the battery.
Please can anyone advise on how to get a reliable reading, what difference and ideal settings for "PollSettings" and "Wakeup interval"
thanks everyone