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Author Topic: Somfy API (on conexxoon/tahoma) to control roller shutter via IO-homecontrol  (Read 2631 times)

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Since 2018 Somfy published a API to use conexxoon or tahoma boxes.
Did somebody use this API to integrate IO-homecontrol roller shutters in a vera controller?

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Thank you for getting in touch with us about this matter. We have forwarded this request to the development team and they can investigate the possibility to integrate the TAHOMA and Connexoon from Somfy with Vera unit.

We will keep you informed about the process so please keep an eye on the forum and also on support.getvera.com .

Regards! :D

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Somfy API on conexxoon/tahoma to control roller shutter via IO homecontrol
« Reply #2 on: February 02, 2019, 11:12:52 am »
The roller shutter motors Im looking at are the Somfy group but simu Hz. They have a 2 wire system I believe and they work off remotes. Im looking at getting a couple of remotes but want to do all programme v and automatic through Vera , zipabox or hc2
They also have a 4 wire system that I can use the Fibaro shutter 2, but they do add up after putting 16 shutters in. Thats why thinking using the Somfy rtx433e module to control it. Apparently very achievable with Vera and zipabox. But not hc2

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An alternative RF controller is Broadlink RMPro, this might be compatible with HC2.
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I have very similar motors and ended up buying a special kit to use them with fibaro roller shutter device. I trusted it more because I got calibration and feedback on the real status. RF for pricey stuff like very large external windows cover, doesn?t make me feel comfortable in automating all.
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