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I have a Vera Lite hub in my home and I am looking into home energy monitoring. I see the Aeon meter. What information can you get out of this device? I have been googling and don't find much more than installation information. Does it show specific appliances and devices? Ladies forgive me but I want to be able to show the Mrs.  what the cost is for leaving lights on and our daily life pattern. I have seen the "Sense" monitor.

The Aeon meter and similar devices look at the total load on the house by monitoring the current in the mains feeders. They read the entire power draw of the house, and do not have any way to look at the load from a specific device. Individual devices that support load monitoring may be used for that purpose. Most folks have found the built-in energy software (ERGY) to be buggy and unstable, and use other tools for energy monitoring. For example, ALTUI provides a nice power chart, and a search of the forum will turn up other options.

They have built a working free energy device that can deliver an output of over 7500 watts at 220 volts without consuming any fuel.

Looking to get a side-project for the energy/temp home graphs/monitoring. If you are interested, let me know here,119332.0.html


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