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I have a vacation rental with a mix of Yale locks, thermostats, and a few switches. Other than a lock in an outer garage I've found the mesh to be fairly reliable using my Vera g.  A few months ago, I installed an inovelli switch to manage some porch lights. The switch was within 3 ft of a door lock that itself communicated reliably with the controller. Everything worked fine for a few hours including the switch but thereafter units began to fall off the network including the new switch and many of the previously reliable locks.  The mesh slowly resolved itself over the course of 3 weeks but not before draining the batteries of several locks.

So I opted to install a number if repeaters dsd37 aeon thruout the house to improve things. Again the network collapsed. The repeaters are fine but numerous components are now disconnected despite everything being within 20ft line of sight from an extender. I live 12 hrs from the house so these bobbles are problematic. Is it possible to avoid these with new equipment install and can I fix remotely?

Don Phillips:
I had a bad thermostat take down my network. Took months to figure it out. When I replaced it, my mesh has been rock solid for 2 years now.  Perhaps it was that last new device that is the issue? By coincidence, it could be another device.


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