Author Topic: version 1.0.292 released  (Read 4864 times)

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version 1.0.292 released
« on: November 08, 2008, 04:33:57 pm »
This is considered 'beta 3'.  The list of fixes is here:

All the issues with caching and the findvera service should be resolved.  There are only a couple minor issues outstanding.

Now we're focusing on some Z-Wave fixes, including adding support for more devices.

Now's the time to report any Z-Wave devices you have that aren't working.  If you have a Z-Wave device that's not being recognized properly, please do this:

1.  Pair the Z-Wave device with the Z-Wave dongle, and write down the 4 digit serial number on the bottom of your Vera

2.  Go to Advanced, Logs and check the box "Verbose Logging".  Now click 'save' (whether or not you have anything to save).

3.  Wait approx 5 minutes to be sure Vera has had time to poll your device to get the manufacturer info.  Click on 'devices' and click '+' next to the device in question and write down the Device #.

4.  Go to Advanced, Tech Support.  Check the box: "Send tech support my logs and configuration files", fill out the form and include in the comments the make/model of the device and the device #, and describe the issue, including stating what the device is supposed to do that it's not doing.  Include as much info as you can on the device.

That will send us a copy of your system configuration and the Z-Wave logs so we can see what command classes the device is reporting and so on, and add the appropriate mapping to Vera.