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Author Topic: Test Scene with Simple Luup Code  (Read 414 times)

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Test Scene with Simple Luup Code
« on: December 20, 2018, 08:12:34 pm »
I am testing a scene with Luup code and it is not working correctly.  It is a very simple scene too.

When light1 turns off, turn off light2.  The Luup code is to allow it to run only during the day (since I am testing at night).

I put this Luup code in but when I turn off light1 it still turns off light2.

return luup.is_night() == false

In my log I do see an error on my scene.  I am not sure what this means since I think I only need to return false to not run the scene, correct?
LuaInterface::CallFunction_Scene Scene  9 failed attempt to call a nil value

Any suggestions?
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