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Whole-house audio/intercom with Sonos/Vera integration

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--- Quote from: rafale77 on January 14, 2019, 11:47:36 am ---I too was looking at a tablet in each room but ended up with amazon echo shows. The new ones, though spendy, offer pretty good sound and have a screen which I have been able to enable to connect to all my cameras at home (So I can see them on command). I am using still an older version of the habridge to connect it to the vera which prevents me from doing a cloud to cloud transaction and instead having on the cloud only for the alexa call interpretation. This will not workl if you want whole house in sync audio for music. For this I would still recommend a sonos system which I am still using for TTS. Though the vera plugin somewhat still works, I rely mostly on another API for most advanced functions (search http-sonos-api) to which I make simple http wget lua calls for grouping, TTS and volume control. It also integrates very well with the amazon alexa.

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Which make and model cameras are you connecting with your Amazon Shows?

Look into the monocle skill. The brand and make does not matter. I have many. As long as the camera or the nvr broadcasts an rtsp stream, you are all good.

Do you know if this will work without IA, Internet Access?
Also I noticed that Monocle only works with cameras 1080 and below. I guess I could set up a secondary lower resolution.
Thanks for sharing.

Well it is designed to enable your echo show to locally get the camera stream.  IA is necessary for the echo to work so no I don't think it is possible for it to work without internet unfortunately. Both the skill and the voice parsing are done in the cloud.
The limitations are all due to the echo device (H264 and resolution). I don't think it has anything to do with the skill itself. I have actually streamed much higher resolution cameras with my gen echo shows  (4 and 5MP) so I would not get hung up on the limitations.


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