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Whole-house audio/intercom with Sonos/Vera integration

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It?s a cheap thing to try out, and I'm sure eventually, I will.

But most of the value of what you just described is delivered by Sonos! Whether it's a voice command or a button push, Sonos will pump the audio in sync throughout the home. I had one plugged into my cable box so that my cable channel was an available channel, and along with music, I could play the TV audio everywhere. I had a scene controller set up just to select and play different favorite Sonos channels. I really love Sonos gear. And for what it's worth, I spent a year or two knocking Sonos before I actually tried that, too... so I have a track record of disparaging tech I haven't tried yet.

I have a plan for most of the other parts of the system, but I really do want to figure out a path for intercom/door bell/distributed audio that works seamlessly with Vera.

I have a Sonos 1 that is a couple of years old now and it sounds much better than all of my voice controlled speakers, but I only have one because they are wayyyy more expensive (2-6 times the cost) than my other voice speakers and I never use my Sonos because my voice speakers are way more convenient. That is just my personal experience.

I know of no intercom system that works with Vera as I am not sure what you would do with it if there were. I am a big fan of wall tablets in every room that give a visual and verbal audio report of all house functions just in case you do not have your phone or mobile device on you as you go around your home. I also use an intercom and doorbell app on each of these tablets to talk room to room and to the front door when someone rings the doorbell.
I have read posts here of other people getting custom ring tones for their doorbell.

Distributed audio is a stretch as Sonos is the only one I know of that has an add on for Vera. Honestly I have not tried it in over a year but the last I tried it did not work for me.

I hope this helps.


--- Quote from: Jamr on January 09, 2019, 01:59:10 pm ---Distributed audio is a stretch as Sonos is the only one I know of that has an add on for Vera. Honestly I have not tried it in over a year but the last I tried it did not work for me.

--- End quote ---

Russound has a plug-in, although I am not sure the app store is the latest.

I know some people use the Sonos and Russound systems together.  I haven't tried either - just wanted to point out the potential option...

I've not tried it but Max 2 play
Claims to have multiroom sync via Squeezebox server and should allow far better sound quality at reasonable cost. As well as having a Vera plugin I believe.

Could be very good reasons why no one has mentioned it, though


I too was looking at a tablet in each room but ended up with amazon echo shows. The new ones, though spendy, offer pretty good sound and have a screen which I have been able to enable to connect to all my cameras at home (So I can see them on command). I am using still an older version of the habridge to connect it to the vera which prevents me from doing a cloud to cloud transaction and instead having on the cloud only for the alexa call interpretation. This will not workl if you want whole house in sync audio for music. For this I would still recommend a sonos system which I am still using for TTS. Though the vera plugin somewhat still works, I rely mostly on another API for most advanced functions (search http-sonos-api) to which I make simple http wget lua calls for grouping, TTS and volume control. It also integrates very well with the amazon alexa.


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