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Zooz 3-Way 4-Way Switches

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At CES 2019, Zooz displayed a line of Z-Wave wall switches that do not require you to install a second slave switch (like current GE Z-Wave switches do).  For example, in a 3-way set up, simply install one Zooz switch and leave your other existing switch in place.  The same goes for a 4-way setup.  Note: a neutral wire is required for installation.

They?re great! I?ve been using them for the past year, and have no complaints. So much cheaper to use these for 3 way setups plus they have instant status as well.

Don Phillips:
I only have 1 three-way switch for a single stair. Glad I waited for the Zooz solution.

Here is the brochure for the Zooz Switches from CES 2019.

Don Phillips:
+1 for sharing.


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