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Fibaro wall plug FGWPE/F-002 ZW5 very short range


I have a fibaro wall plug, and for me it seems that it's range is not as good as it should be.

When the wall plug is directly connected to my VeraPlus, the operating range is 3 meters (10ft) at maximum. Distance is measured without any obstacles between.

For me it seems that something is not right. Is 3m max. operating range normal for fibaros, or is there something to adjust on it's settings?

I added it to my Vera as FGWPE/F-001 wall plug, even it actually is a FGWPE/F-002... I am new with Z-wave and Vera, so I don't know does that even have any effect to the operation..


We have created a trouble ticket for troubleshooting of this device.

Please check your inbox and reply with the information we've requested.

Thank you.

Thanks for the tech support.

There was no simple explanation for this, and I ended up sending the unit back to Poland, to Fibar Group. 
Hopefully they will confirm that the unit was broken.

edit: Fibar Group replaced my faulty unit for free. Replacement wall plug works fine now.  :)


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