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Brilliant Switch - Possible new/better Scene Controller?


Has anyone come across the Brilliant Switch?

I contacted them asking about support/integration with Vera, and they said "it's on the list."  I have been searching for a decent In-wall Scene Controller for years.  I have several of the Levitons - they work fine, but having only the four "hard" buttons with labels you cannot see in the dark, not to mention how finicky they are about staying connected to the network, just makes them old and outdated to me.  I also have a couple of the Evolve LCD controllers - a step in the right direction, but at this point, they also look old/outdated, and they've never quite worked perfectly (I still can't get them to properly toggle a scene on/off - I can only use them to trigger a scene).

This Brilliant Switch looks intriguing, although I realize it is designed to be a primary controller, from what I can tell.

Are there any nice looking scene controllers out there that I'm not aware of?  Something with an LCD screen (to be able to customize functions/buttons) and compatibility with Vera.

It looks good but it seems to be a wifi switch with an LCD screen and likely something like an android backbone. Remains to be seen if it offers an API so it can be controlled. It seems to be more geared towards controlling other devices rather than being controlled.


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