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4-Way Outdoor switch


Anyone know of a 4-way outdoor switch and if it will work for a toggle on the circuit?

I have outdoor floodlights currently on a 4-way circuit (all switches are outside as there's a switch on each deck level of the house).  Given it is a vacation rental property, there's a possibility the lights may be left on all night.  I'd like to turn them off every morning at sunrise (just in case) but not permanently disable the circuit of course - just hit the switch like a person would if they're on.

Does anyone know of a 4-way switch?
Will such a switch actually work and detect if the circuit is live?  ie. if someone turns the lights on using one of the non-zwave switches, will the z-way switch detect the circuit is 'on'?

I don't know if this even makes sense :)  Hope so!


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