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Author Topic: Reactor 2.3 Hotfixes  (Read 2156 times)

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Reactor 2.3 Hotfixes
« on: January 29, 2019, 10:35:38 am »
This post is about current hot-fix releases for Reactor 2.3. Hotfixes address issues experienced in the wild that need an immediate update to resolve. Please check through the list of issues reported below, and apply the fix/patch documented. Hotfixes never contain new features or changes other the fix for the immediate, reported problem.

How to Hotfix Your System
Vera users can apply hotfix patches by downloading the file(s) needed from the links provided. The procedure is as follows:
  • Download the file by right-clicking on the filename/link and choosing "Save Link As...". Do not just left-click the link and copy-paste the contents into any editor. Make sure that when asked for the save filename, the file is named exactly as shown--do not add or allow any additional or changed suffixes (".txt", etc.).
  • Upload the file(s) to your Vera using the uploader at Apps > Develop apps > Luup files. If you are uploading multiple files, you should turn off the "Restart Luup after upload" checkbox until the last file, then turn it back on for that one. If you forget, no problem, just turn the checkbox on and upload the last file again, it won't hurt anything.
  • Do a full cache-flush/reload of your browser, usually CTRL-F5 for Chrome/Windows, SHIFT-F5 for Firefox/Windows, and rumored to be CMD+SHIFT+R on Macs.

openLuup/AltUI users can quickly apply all hotfixes by going to the "Plugins" page, entering "hotfix" in the version field and clicking the update icon.

The Current Hotfix Files
L_Reactor.lua (recommended only for users experiencing symptoms described below)
  • 19040-01: Fixes an issue reported on openLuup where an omitted initialization causes a later spurious attempt to issue a warning message, but the warning code doesn't yet have all the values it needs, resulting in a 'attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)' message reported at/around line 900 of L_Reactor.lua
J_Reactor_UI7.js (recommended only for users experiencing symptoms described below)
  • 19044-01: Fixes an issue where a restore from backup would not write configuration data correctly and appear to work, but actually would not change anything.
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