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need help with Ping Plugin


OK - so i use Vera to control my vacation home.  i have had issues with the cable modem and/or wireless router hanging up from time to time.  I created a node-red script running on a Pi to check the internet every hour and power cycle the two devices (cable Modem then router).   This worked fine, except the Pi got hacked...

someone explained that i can use the ping plugin to do the same.   But for the life of me, i am having issues. 

i have an IP address (DNS lets say) - if it fails to get there, i want to cycle the devices via a scene an smart switches. 

i have the plugin set to the IP, at 60 seconds and the control is armed, normal.  how do i set the scene?  i want it to run when the sensor cannot ping the ip address..

any help is appreciated

You can go to the scene tab from the menu and create a new trigger:

When the ping sensor is tripped:

  1. Turn off the smart switch
  2. Turn on the smart switch after 60s.


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