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Cannot login to ui5 locally

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I am having a weird issue. If I open my MIOS account for Ui5 locally (within my home network), I cannot login to the account (see attached picture). However, if I log into my MIOS account remotely (out of my home network) with my cell phone, it logs in everytime.

I know that the password is correct as I can log in remotely.....makes no sense why I cannot log in locally.

What is also strange is that when I am accessing my Vera 3 controller locally, even though I get the error message and cannot login, the Dashboard and Devices page still shows on my PC and I am able to control my configured devices.

Anyone know what the heck is going on?


Please note that we have created a trouble ticket for you. When you have time, please reply.

Thank you and Have a nice day

I have replied.

I'm having a problem with logging on to UI7 with either Vera Mobile or Imperihome.  I changed the password in the last couple of days while trying to make sure I was not being hacked, because the settings for the Remote app had been changing and caused problems two days in a row.  I found that there was an issue with the app itself, so that's all good now.  I'm left with the login problem.  I can log on with my PC just fine, only the apps don't work.  Our household depends on these apps.

Cannot get in locally (ui7) from Edge.
It has been out of order a few days.
It is still possible from Explorer and Firefox.
Anyone who knows the problem ?


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