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Upcoming 7.29 Core Firmware Release - Advanced Notice

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Upcoming 7.29 Core Firmware Release - Advanced Notice

We are working on a major release, our first since being acquired by Ezlo Innovation. It contains both systematic improvements, as well as several new device integrations.
We will release the 7.29 Beta version by end of March, and the full release is targeted for early April 2019.

Major Improvements to Expect in the Upcoming 7.29 Release:

* Improved wireless and wired connectivity for more reliable device communication to and from your controllers
* Firmware has been stabilized, with key upgrades coming in the areas of Geofencing, notification behavior (reduced false positives), and day to day functionality of your system
* More Device Integrations
Details below:

Fixes and improvements:

* Improvement on 'Controller Up/Down' alerts no longer being sent if the relay servers are switching.
* Improvements on Net and Wi-Fi functionality for Vera Plus and Vera Secure
* Setting encryption to ?WEP? will no longer cause the Wi-Fi to become unsecured
* Fixed the issue where Vera Secure could not be manually connected by Wi-Fi
* Fixed reset button functionality on Vera Secure VUI-19352
* Fixed the issue with the 5 GHz network not being operational if the 2.4 GHz network is off
* Fixed the issue with the 5 GHz network not being operational if saving the current settings from a default state
* Fixed the issue with invisible device generating alerts when not in Home mode
* Fixed the issue in WebUI with missing On /Off button for dimmable RGB Lights devices on Google Chrome
* Fixed the issue with not being able to increase heating setpoints in house modes
* Fixed the issue on the WebUI with duplicate stream display when going into full-screen on frame-by-frame
* Added Close button and slider on Window Covering devices for better scene functionality
* Fixed the issue with password reset email templates missing or being invalid if portal language is French or Spanish
* Fixed the issue with the Vera Protect card not being displayed while on 3G
* Fixed the issue with the cellular LED remaining stuck in a blinking state after the internet connection has been restored
* Fixed the issues with 'Controller Down' alerts being sent whenever Wi-Fi is turned off from the Settings menu on VeraPlus
* Fixed the issue with Geofences not being removed in tandem with user deletions
* Fixed the issues with Vera not being able connect to an SSID with WEP, WPA, or WPA/WPA2 mixed encryption
* Fixed the issue to enable network restart when switching to "Through Wi-Fi AP"
* Fixed the issue with scanning for Wi-Fi networks not returning any 5 GHz networks (Fixed in OpenWRT 123 for G450 and OpenWRT 35 for G550)
* Fixed the issues with no information being returned when Troubleshoot Network button was tapped on Vera Edge
* Fixed the issue with the Vera Secure controller losing its Internet connection when router is power cycled. (Fixed in OpenWRT 35 for G550)
* Fixed the issues with the time zone for Iran (Tehran)
* Improvement in Z-Wave firmware upgrade so that the Z-wave local changes only when the upgrade is successful
* Fixed the issue with the current set point not being set on Remotec thermostats when running a scene
* Fixed the issue with permissions not being updated after the account was changed
* Fixed the issues with the  view from "Net & Wi-fi" displayed as "DHCP" when connection type was set to "Static IP"
* Added validation for all the RADIUS fields (IP address, Radius port, and Radius server key)
* Added validation for the "Start address" and "End address" fields in DHCP settings
* Fixed the issue with the USB device not being unmounted upon removal
* Fixed the issue with the time zone for Israel.
* Fixed the issue with CO alerts being received with the text for 'Smoke'.
* Fixed the issues with Qubino Flush 1D Relay being displayed with the binary light icon on the UI
* Fixed the issues with securing a controller when system flags it as being offline in the end-user portal
* Fixed the issue with status updates on Aeotec micro smart switch DSC18103 gen3 in web UI
* Fixed the issue with the reset button not properly working on Vera Secure
* Fixed the issue with controller not remaining assigned to the account after firmware upgrade with reset to factory defaults
* Separate wizard was created for for Fibaro FGMS-001 gen5
* Fixed the issue with Fibaro Button (FGPB-101) not triggering scenes

LE: Bonus fix!

* Fixed issues regarding Fibaro FGS-223 delays when controlled
+ Surprise integration

* Google Home Integration (excluding cameras)

Vera 7.29 New Device Integrations:

* GoControl WO15EMZ5-1 Smart Wall Outlet
* Zooz ZEN15 Power Switch for Heavy Duty Appliances
* Zooz ZEN06 Smart Plug
* Fibaro FGCD-001 CO Sensor
* Philio PAN04 In Wall Dual Relay (1 way) Switch
* Philio PAN06 In Wall Dual Relay (1 way) Switch
* MCO Home Fan Coil Thermostat    MH8-FC
* MCO Home Fan Coil Thermostat    MH8-FC4
* Stelpro SMT402 Maestro Thermostat
* Linear GD00Z-5 Z-Wave Garage Door Controller
* Bosch RFPR-ZB Radion PIR Wireless Motion Detector
* Bosch RFDL-ZB Radion Tritech Wireless Motion Detector
* Sengled E12-N14 Element Classic Bulb
* Sengled E11-G13 Element Classic Bulb
* Added support for device detection for 2GIG range of devices[/list]

Quite a list!  Well done


Meh, fibaro fgs 223 will not be included. We?re approaching second year now. Very disappointed. Time to move on.

Finally! Well done, at last a long list, including the fix for controller down/up when the relays change . . .

Looking on the new device integration, what about NEO Coolcam devices?

and what about Google Home Integration?

Any plan on them?

(were you expecting no new requests  ;)?)

A bit underwhelmed though there is a lot of good things.

I have at least 2 of the "newly integrated devices" and have been using them for years since I had a vera lite for the GD00Z... So not sure what has been done. Much ado about nothing. If you handle the standard zwave stack properly (which vera does mostly really well) and don't automate the device configuration as much (this is where you need to take it down a notch), you will not spend your resources integrating new devices and qualifying them. You can only focus on the non standard/odd ones. For example the pain on the Aeon/Aeotec devices is mostly self inflicted. I could be wrong since I have no experience with the fibaros but I suspect it to be similar.

The focus seems to be largely on the network quirks between wifi and dnsmasq. All very helpful and as we can see from the forum, many people are facing some form of issues with DHCP and wifi handling so this is very positive.

Where is the luup engine rewrite and stabilization which is by far the weakest link? I thought from Melih that fixing the firmware as is was abandoned and that you had moved to do a full rewrite?
Is the new firmware repartitioning the NAND flash?


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