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Theory about VERA


Good afternoon folks,

With retail prices on Vera coming down by about 30% over the last couple of months, and forthcoming substantial firmware revision.

I have come up with a theory.

In business, when you have an upcoming new product, you try and bring down your existing inventory as fast as possible by reducing prices.

You also hold your staff to a non-disclosure agreement, since leaking out a new product prematurely. could have an adverse effect on your existing stock, as a great number of people would sit and wait for the new product to come out.

Let me know if you support my theory.


Since there are no or very little updates I think... nothing.

Yes that standard practive and the vera units seem to be on offer with a number of resellers (25% off currently).  That said CES passed with no news and I'm sure the Vera Secure was launched there (I could be wrong). Maybe the vera line is getting killed off and replaced by something else.  we might to that in our house and give homey a try, the new pro version sounds very interesting, not without its issues as indeed all the hubs seem to be but could be a decent alternative for our needs anyway.


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