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Author Topic: What's the most unique/cool/fun/interesting thing you've done with your Vera ?  (Read 7228 times)

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I tied Vera into Google Home via IFTT and have a command "Activate system shutdown" which will power off every connected device that is on in the house, TV's, lights, AV receiver, etc.. This in itself is not to out of the ordinary but I also incorporated device exemptions to the shutdown. For example if I want to keep on the living room TV and computer I can give a voice command e.g. "Hold living room TV", Hold Computer" and after giving the voice command "Activate system shutdown" held devices will remain on. The inverse of hold is release. I also have certain lights that go on between sunset and midnight. These lights are automatically exempt from the system shutdown while the scene is active however this can be overridden by initiating a voice command "Activate sunset override".
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