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Roadmap Update for New Hardware, New Firmware and Device Integration

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We have updates to our Hardware, Firmware and Device Integration Roadmap:

Hardware Roadmap

Coming in June:   

Ezlo Atom
Introducing the world's smallest control hub, Ezlo Atom is the ideal entry point if you are looking to create home control services. Designed for ultimate extensibility, this hub can plug directly into any USB port for power or, for OEMs, can be embedded in other products. Users will enjoy control of Z-Wave devices including lights, thermostats, door locks, and more. Its called Atom for a reason, its more tiny but powerful! And the price will be so low, it will shock you!

An advanced leak detection and flood prevention solution
We will release native support for our Fortrezz Devices (Water Valve Shut-Off and sensors).

Coming in 3Q19:

Ezlo PlugHub

A single device with three purposes, the Ezlo PlugHub can act as a smart plug, control hub, and energy monitor, all in one discreet form factor. Enabling control of Z-Wave and Wi-Fi devices including lights, sensors, door locks, thermostats, and more, the PlugHub is a simple, cost-effective foundation for any home control system. Why by a smartplug when you can buy PlugHub for less money!

Watch this space for more devices coming in the ecosystem!
Firmware Roadmap    
Coming in June   
The new Ezlo hardware will benefit from new firmware that will make it easier to integrate new device classes. We will also add support for Microservices.

Integration Roadmap    
Planned for May:   
Nest Smoke and CO Detector
Nest OAuth 2.0
Nest E-Thermostat
Nest Camera
Honeywell Lyric / TCC (RCH9310WF)
Google Home (excluding cameras)
Alexa in Spanish
2GiG Leak Detection
Wiz Lights Support
Many more in the pipeline for 3Q19, including expanded support for Zigbee devices.

Great work guys!

You are doing an excellent work giving visibility to amazing engineering department we have! Good job guys, keep up the amazing work!

Ok, this starts to get some shape. Little detail, but that will come?


--- Quote from: Sender on February 27, 2019, 02:30:15 pm ---Ok, this starts to get some shape. Little detail, but that will come?

--- End quote ---

Like I said we have an engineering organization that is structured, disciplined and made up of amazing people. Visibility will come regularly.

Ok from this roadmap i can make assumptions again, there won't be no new real hardware hubs for this year, just some toys.
Now question arise, will the future will be toy hardware hubs + cloud only or there will be powerfull stanalone with cloud support hub too ?


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