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new vera edge with old vera


i just got my new vera  plus.  since my old unit is a UI5 I set up the new one with a new user name and password correct? cause my user name and password didn't work on site.  i know I have to use a different mobile login site with UI 5 cause vera's web login only sees UI7.

So i assume i did this right? correct?  I am keeping 2 separate units for now till I know UI7 is stable enough.

When I'm ready How do i incorporate my UI 7 plus with my old UI5 unit?  if I update the old unit to UI7 will I then use the new UI7 password and user name? or am i stuck now with 2 user names and passwords?

also. . . tech support told me I can make the UI7 the master and the UI 5 the slave and still have complete control over the UI5 through the UI7 login and also over the vera app?  i thought that was a no no?


The account credentials ( username and password ) from the UI 5 web site it will not work on UI 7 login page, so you did the correct procedure on having two accounts. Usually when our customers are willing to upgrade their UI 5 controller to UI 7, we recommend them to create an account with the same email address and username as they had before, but with a different password.

Now on the UI 7 account you have the possibility to add more than one unit to it, so in the future you want your old unit to be on UI 7, you can have it on the same account as the Vera Plus.

If you want the both controllers to work together, you can have them in a bridge procedure, which means that all the devices from the slave will be on the master controller. More information can be found here:

For any other questions you can always contact us via email ( ) or on our phone number +1866-966-2272.

Have a nice day,

I did same email and password so that?s good.

Can I have the ui5 as a slave to the ui7 unit? And still have all devices from ui 5 unit accessible from the app and dashboard for ui7 or do both have to be ui7. I seem to get different answers when I have asked in the past from tech support.


You can leave your old controller on UI 5 and have it as a slave to the newer one. With this configuration, you should be able to control the devices from the old platform, from the UI 7 mobile app.

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Hello Christina, What should the UI5(slave) unit settings be?
The Wiki is silient on this.
I've waited for 45 minutes with no further advancement in the UI7 Master


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