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VeraMobile Andriod 8, cannot change geofences



I am not able to change anything for the geofences in the Vera app on Android 8. The app does not let me change one, add on or remove one. If I try the dialog with Loading or Saving and the busy spinning wheel just sits there. I tried on two phones (Samsung, Sony) with Android 8 and have this problem. On a tabled with Android 7 it does work.

Also the geofence enter events are now frequently not firing.

Anyone else having this? Suggestions?

Cheers Rene

I guess no one does.

I clear the app cache and now it works again.

Second time cached data has bit me in a week. It seems one of those  ::)

Cheers Rene

Thank you for the update, Rene

I've noticed lately that after the latest updates, clearing the app cache solves a few issues.
If you're still be encountering these issues in the future, please let me know.


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