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New VeraPlus, many Z-wave "Device failed to configure" errors


Long time Vera user.   I finally replaced a Vera 2/UI5 with a new VeraPlus.

Things are working for the most part.  But many of my Z-wave nodes aren't configuring correctly when added.  It doesn't seem to be a communication issue - the devices do actually work and poll fine.   The stress test will not show any missing pings.   But when you configure node, it will fail and leave a red error message on the device.   This will happen with Vera sitting directly next to the device, or far away, it doesn't matter, so it doesn't seem like an RF issue.

I have worked around it by editing the device and changing "configured" from -3 to 1, and changing the device to "manually configure" which seems to stop it from trying to do whatever its trying to do.     But it happens with maybe 50% of my z-wave stuff, so something isn't right. 

It is pretty normal. The phenomenon is due to UI7 attempting to be a bit smarter than it really is in its configuration and automating too much of it. My recommendation is to use the autoconfigure only when you first try to include the device and disable it after it the configuration is complete. The device configuration handler is extremely buggy to begin with and all the additional device support requests over time has just added more broken automation to it.

Thanks rafale77.  If it's "normal" then I'll continue along.   I have a lot of devices; I just didn't want to have to start all over again if something wasn't working right.

It's sad to see a lot of this hasn't improved in some 9 years since my installing my original Vera.   A friend of mine has been glowing about how fast and easy his SmartThings setup process was after switching from Vera.  I stuck with Vera because of my alarm panel integration and I'm used to its quirks, but HA finally seems to have caught on with the mainstream, and it should be better than this by now.

As you find out from the postings on this forum... The device configuration handling of UI7 has actually degraded, not improved Vs UI5. ST in this respect is much better but it has its own downfalls as well.
There is some really odd things with UI7: changing the controller polling settings requires a device reconfiguration... why I have no idea. This should be purely a controller setting.
The luup engine really struggles with security key exchanges on large networks on the vera plus' later firmwares. I had no problems before. This causes some devices to not complete configuration. I had to add another controller in the network and include from that other controller before configuring the device on the vera.
Devices will show suddenly as "can't detect device" for a number of different reasons. You can find answers on the forum on this as well. I started a thread about my findings.


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