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Aeotec Multisensor 6 - Motion Sensor not working, blinking every 30 seconds



I have a problem getting one of my Multisensor 6 reacting to motions. The Multisensor is USB powered and firmware is v1.11. All other sensors are working (temperature, humidity, light) correct and showing plausible values. I've activated notification "Whenever Multisensor is armed and detects motion" and armed the device to test the motion sensor. I don't get any notification and the LED is not flashing as I pass the sensor.

One thing I observed: LEDs is flashing periodically every 30 seconds. If I set parameter 81 to 2 there is no LED activity (as expected) and with parameter 81 set to 1 (LED from motion sensor deactivated) LED is still blinking every 30 seconds. Any idea what's wrong here?

Radu B:
Hello Odysee,

Can you please try to exclude the device, factory reset it afterwards and then re-include it ? If you are experiencing the same issues afterwards, I would ask you to get in touch with the manufacturer as the issue would be from the device since the Vera will report anything that the sensor is sending to it.

Thank you !

I've excluded, factory reset and re-included the device. But the LED is still blinking every 30 seconds. I'm also not sure, if the movement in general is correct reported by the Vera Plus. One Sensor mounted in the bath with firmware 1.08 and battery powered seems so react normally (LED blinks when I enter the room). Same with the sensor in the cellar with firmware 1.12 and USB power. But I get no notification in Vera.

All sensors are configured as following:

- armed
- Notification: Whenever Multisensor 6 is armed and detects motion

I get neither an email nor there is an alerts entry in the notifications. It could be, that the 30 seconds blinking sensor has a malfunction, but there seems also a problem with my Vera.

Small Update: All motion sensors seem to work. The symbol of the motion sensor in Vera turns to red as motion is detected. Why one sensor is blinking every 30 seconds I'm going to ask the Aeotec support. It could be, that this motion sensor blinks when data is send to a z-wave group or the hub. The Vera support is going to investigate why I get no notification/e-mail when motion is detected.

We found the guilty. The support activated some kind of status bar at the top of the screen which gives some feedback what's going on in the background. It said "AVR-X1400H[30] : Running Lua Startup" all the time. So I've deinstalled the denon receiver plugin. Since this moment lots of alarm on movement appeared.


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