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Zwave compatible security system for new home?


I am building a new home near the ocean shore.  I have had many battery short life problems with wireless sensors so I prefer hardwired sensors (door/window & motion detection).  Any recommendations for a good security system with good zwave/Vera compatibility?

I have a DSC wired alarm system. It?s not Z-wave. I use a Invisalink to interface with my controller. I can see all my zones. I can arm and disarm remotely. I can also bypass a zone remotely. I do believe the Invisalink will work with the Honeywell alarms


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I do not recommend the Honeywell. I have a thread asking for troubleshooting help. I do recommend a DSC alarm because although the Envisilink works with both alarms, the Vera plugin for honeywell alarm does not exist. I believe the difference lies in the fact that the envisilink comes facotry with DSC software, and there is a Vera plugin for it (when used in a DSC alarm) but when you connect an Envisilink to a Honeywell alarm, the first step is to register your unit, tell it the MAC address and what your alarm is (ie Honeywell) and then when you connect the envisilink online, it downloads new firware for a honeywell interfacing. Therefore your DSC plugin doesn't want to talk to this foreign and now unsupported software.

I hope I can get my honeywell to work because look up a honeywell tuxedo touch and you'll see its a sweet (touchscreen keypad for honeywell vista alarms) unit that you can configure as a slave Zwave controller to execute scenes. Also it can play pics/vids (screensavers) as well as display cameras around your home.

hope that helps you make your decision


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