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Free graphs for your temp/power sensors

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Free graphs / gauges visualization

Works really simple, you just need a lua file (provided as well), change it to your liking with devices id and serviceId, add to your Luup files. Edit your Startup Lua to include

monitcode = require("Moniton")

Start pushing data
Select what feed is going to be used
Select linear or gauge
Give a title and save
It comes to your dashboard by itself

Let me know if you have any questions

Wow, great find.

Can you provide more details on these files? I read what you posted but I'm not entirely sure what all is needed. Perhaps a few step by step bullets?

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- download Moniton.lua from
- get API key from your Settings
- update Moniton.lua with new API key
- update same file with device ids you want to push
- go to Vera to Apps/Develop Apps/Luup files and upload that file
- in Edit Startup Lua add line
monitcode = require("Moniton")
After Luup restart Vera should be pushing data every 1 minute

On hundredgraphs you will be able to see new data under /Feeds
Next step go to /Graphs and click on + to add a new Graph

Select Feeds
Choose Linear or Gauge
Add title and units

Now that graph should go to your dashboard like in that demo

Some docs are there

Don Phillips:
+1 - I hope to get time this fall to try this out.

Awesome ipstas! You are a rock star! I will be trying this out.

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