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Vera Edge - Upgrade to 1.7.40 - Brick


My Vera Edge was greeting me with "New firmware available" for quite a while now, however, any upgrade attempts failed without error message. It just didn't work.

After contacting support they were able to remotely update to 1.7.40. Two days later, the device is stuck in a reboot loop with no option to recover. Out of warranty. Out of luck. Thanks a lot.

Can I prove it was the update? No, of course not. It is likely the cause? I certainly think so.

I am reluctant to buy another Vera (even with discount) after reading all the reports with failed firmware updates. It seems to be a software issue to me.

Did anyone ever recover from a reboot loop where the device can only be pinged for 10-12 seconds. No SSH possible during that time.


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