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Author Topic: GE 45609 Z-Wave On/Off Switch Installation Help  (Read 21128 times)

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Re: GE 45609 Z-Wave On/Off Switch Installation Help
« Reply #15 on: December 18, 2015, 01:01:39 pm »
I have a ge smart switch I want to connect. When I remove the existing switch, I have a black a white and a copper ground.  When I connect the switch with the white to the neutral, the black to the line, and the ground to the ground.  When I turn light on it is very dim, and only part of the light works.  It is a model 12722

That's because your missing a wire!

Your old switch doesn't require neutral and only has 2 wires plus a ground. Your old switch will have a line (120v or hot in) and load (light bulb) plus the bare ground wire.

Your new switch requires a Line in a Load and a neutral plus the ground. So 3 wires plus a ground. Colors are not to followed or trusted. Line is usually always hot and Neutral is always white, but the load can be white, black or red usually.

So that means right now what you think is "neutral" is probley the light or load wire. This is ofcourse only a guess and you should never guess with electrical wiring. Proper way is to use a meter and test what wires are what before you start making connections.  I'm not sure you capabilities but people on the forums are afraid of given to much advice when someone is stepping into something they seem less then knowledgeable in doing.