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Author Topic: Vera Support for Developers is Horrible  (Read 18589 times)

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Vera Support for Developers is Horrible
« on: March 23, 2019, 09:29:46 pm »
Yeah I hope the subject got your attention Sorin and others.  I've developed a HomeSeer plugin that works great with Vera and has brought many Vera users back to using their Vera's even if just for integration into their HomeSeer environments.  I've been working with one user in particular where the plugin was not working.  So as a good developer I've spent my time on a weekend and late nights as I'm in the US and this user is in NZ working through possible issues.  It turns out that by chance I had the user verify the "State" the Vera Plus was in.  Well in the sdata output the Vera was sitting with a State 2 which means the Luup engine is in an ERROR STATE.  Why?  I dunno I asked the user to contact Vera support to debug that issue.

He was told by VERA Support that it was NOT THEIR PROBLEM and that it was just my problem as the plugin author to fix.  How?  I can't fix YOUR BROKEN LUUP ENGINE!!!  So this vera is sitting in a State 2 even after a power cycle.  There are very few devices ~20 z-wave devices and that's about it.... yet Vera support isn't going to help this user?  This is a Vera problem.  Here's the Mios document with the details of the Luup engine states.


My plugin was developed following the guidelines, standards and documentation provided by Mios and Mios support and internal development.

At this point my end user is thinking to just move his devices completely to HomeSeer and put vera in a box... why not right?  It's in an error state and support won't fix even look at it... It's makes sense right, just move the z-wave devices over to HomeSeer they will work better anyways!!!

My users response?  I think I might do that.  So Vera great job of helping YOUR users and giving HomeSeer another full user!

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Re: Vera Support for Developers is Horrible
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2019, 03:58:35 pm »
Hello jeubanks,

Thank you for reaching out. I looked into the ticketing system and I see a single case related to this topic, which was investigated and resolved a few hours ago.
If the experience you're describing is accurate, it's most probably an escalation issue on our part. Could you please PM me with more details on the user that reported this problem, so we can track the correct case and check the status?


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