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AEON In Wall Motor Controller (AUS) - Projector Screen
« on: December 07, 2012, 12:43:53 am »

I noticed another post on the controller topic, but decided to open a new one as this is more of a technical nature.

The story started when my old IR projector screen controller died. I decided to replace it with an AEON motor controller. Installed it, added to vera 3 (UI5) and it worked, verry happy at this stage! Next morning I tried to lower the screen and, nothing, dead as a mouse.

I pulled the tubular motor out and found that the motor has burned out. I understand that the hot wire remains active using the AEON controller, but is actually cut out from the motor by the limit switch.

As the screen was not the newest, it was quite a challange to find a replacement and get the motor changed, but I got it done.

I again installed the AEON controller and the screen lowered nicely and stopped at the limit position. On the up, the motor got stuck, did not manage the lift and actually cut out the safety switch in the house. I wired the hot wire directly to the motor and the screen got fully up, disabled at the end by the upper limit switch.

I installed a RF control unit, and the screen goes up and down with no problem.

The effect with the AEON controller is re-producable.

I carefullly reviewed the tech specs and measured the motor current. The motor draws around 870mA, just above 200W. The AEON controller is rated for 650W Max (230V/50Hz).

Not sure if the controller got damaged by blowing the old motor appart, if the old motor's defect killed the IR controller and than the AEON before it decided to finally say goodbye or if there is anything else I am not aware off.

Though, before I go and get a second AEON controller to try, I thought I ask others for feedback first, dont want to burn out another motor (and sick of switching the safety switch on again and again and adjusting all clocks)...

Thanks for any feedback

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Re: AEON In Wall Motor Controller (AUS) - Projector Screen
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2013, 08:46:57 am »
First version of the Aeon motor controller would power the motor in both direction when you tried the stop function, and burning the motor if you did not notice the problem.
The new ones should be OK.
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